Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Day of Rest - The Goldbergs in Munich Day 4

Between the Thai Food, German Food, beer, pretzels, and castles, Munich had taken its toll on the happy couple.  We were in need of a Sabbath.  We made a decision on Day 4 to relax and left later in the day to spend time walking around some of Munich's beautiful neighborhoods.

We started by taking the subway to Marienplatz and walking through the back streets to Sendlingor Tor, which is landmarked by it archway leading to it.  As we walked through Sendlingorstrasse we stopped off for a quick weiner schnitzel on a roll zum mit nehmen (to go) and shared it as we walked.

As we walked I taught Hannah how to say a useful phrase in German....Konnen Sie ein Photograph machen (Can you please make a picture?).  We later learned from our friend Danka that she was actually asking people to "make a Photographer".  That must have sounded very presumptuous to think that she was capable of making a photographer or that the person she was asking would even want to make a photographer with her.  No one seemed to mind though, but they did look confused when we handed them our camera.

 After some wandering around Sendlingor Tor we jumped on the U6 U-Bahn and headed up to the Giselastrasse stop.  This area, called Munchner Freiheit, is full of locals and travelers alike shopping and enjoying the bars and restaurants, far away from the uber touisty areas around Marienplatz.  We popped into a few shops and bars and eventually found ourselves having a beer at a local pub while we waited for an unexpected hail storm to pass.

After walking and a few beers we had dinner at one of my old favorite spots in this area called Wirsthaus zur Brez'n.  This is a place where I always brought visitors when they came to town.  Its got the authentic German Beer Hall food with more of a hip trendy vibe.  We had the best service we've had yet in a German restaurant and even though we didn't order very well, still enjoyed our meal of roasted pig and ribs of a pig....and of course the Munich specialty, asparagus soup with a slice of pig.

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